Posted on: August 5, 2008 4:59 pm

My Opinion August 5, 2008

Well, today is August the 5th in the great year of 2008 and The Football world has not disappointed.

I turn on the NFL Network and they are televising a REALITY Show.  They had cameras sit up in many different areas of The Green Bay Packers training camp . . . WATCHING for a Brett Favre sighting . . . OHHHHH!!!!


The NFL is now advertising storylines like the WWE and tonight's main event is Brett Favre vs. Mike MCCarthy.  If Favre wins then he must face Aaron Rodgers in an OPEN Competition.  Oh what fun, but wait Brett says he doesn't want an open competition because we all know he will "practice his butt off" and we know "how things will turn out."

I am assuming Brett is saying we know that he would win his starting position back.  Well I question this because how does he know that Mike McCarthy wants Brett has his starter.  HE DOESN'T.  The Pack attack has moved on and his name is RODGERS.  Mr. Rodgers.  and Lambeau is "Mr. Rodgers" neighborhood now.  The previous tenant moved out, but now he wants his neighborhood back.

But the landlord doesn't want his old tenant back they want to come back in with the new.  And that is what they do . . .



I am in no way a big Brett fan, but after what he has done for the Packers and the fans of Green Bay . . . WHY TREAT him like Sh!t!!!  The man is a legend a first ballot Hall of Famer!!!  You don't want him and he wants to play . . . TRADE HIM!!! 

Get the attention away from Green Bay because the season starts in 4 weeks and by then it may to LATE.  YOUR team will be divided and your season will FAIL!!!  Your season will fail on a DECISION that should have been made in AUGUST and come DECEMBER you still might be feeling it!!!
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